50 Shades Freed first preview of the new story of Anastasia and Christian Gray

After the turbulent beginning of the romance between Anastasia Steele and Christian Gray, the protagonists of the literary saga of E.L. James are ready to go down the aisle.
This is demonstrated by the first preview of “Fifty Shades Freed” (50 Shades Freed), a film that opens on February 9, 2018, coinciding with the American celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Directed by James Foley, who was in charge of the second installment, Fifty Shades Freed (50 Shades Darker), follows the love story between Anastasia Steele and Christian Gray, who are ready to get married.

The preview presented by Foley also offers clues to the erotic love that the protagonists live from the beginning, as well as chases, espionage and armed men that put the life of Steele, a character played by Dakota Johnson, at risk. A more loving and laid back Christian Gray (Jamie Dornan) is also seen.

The film “50 Shades of Gray” was released in 2015 under the direction of Sam Taylor-Johnson, who later left the project apparently over arguments with the author during filming. This installment raised more than 570 million dollars worldwide.

Last February “Fifty Shades Darker” was released, which featured the participation of Kim Basinger (as Christian’s ex, the woman who introduced her to BDSM (acronym for bondage, domination, submission and masochism).

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