Crítica a “Fifty Shades Freed” (2018) de James Foley

Believing that they have left the shadows of the past behind, newlyweds Christian and Anastasia enjoy their relationship and their luxurious lives. But just as Ana begins to relax, new threats appear that put her happiness at risk.

Anastasia has come “far” in less than a year: she marries one of America’s richest men, is assigned editor-in-chief after Jack is fired, lives a totally luxurious life, including bodyguards, and a chef who It has custom menus. It can be said that it is a story that works totally in a fantasy world, adding to it the attraction of Anastasia’s nymphomania and the sexual desire and control that Christian has over her … However, and in a society where there is daily news about Accusations of sexual abuse against personalities, this film seems to fall far short of the expectations that the book generated, despite the great box office sales that the trilogy left, surpassing a billion dollars in the box office worldwide.

The very innocent Anastasia is trying to adjust to her new life full of luxuries, despite the fact that her obsessive husband will not let her do anything without his approval, that countless women are after her husband, that her ex-boss wants revenge not only against her but also against her husband. In short, everything revolves around Christian. And as small conflicts arise and she resolves them, the mountain of problems will accumulate until it is almost irreparable.

Anastasia, who started out as the extremely innocent and shy type of character, becomes totally confident in herself, in her control over Christian and capable of lashing out at anyone who crosses her path. She knows how to solve her problems by herself and incidentally get away with what her husband does not support. While Christian, who starts out as a totally controlling and domineering man, he becomes a loving person, liberal in some ways and tolerant of the decisions of his wife and others around him.

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