Dakota Johnson directs the music video for her boyfriend Chris Martin’s band Coldplay

Dakota Johnson debuted as a director and her premiere behind the cameras has come from the hand of her boyfriend, Chris Martin, the singer of the group Coldplay for whom the actress signed the video clip of the song Cry Cry Cry.

Johnson co-directed with Cory Bailey this clip which, given the theme’s romantic nature, was appropriately released for Valentine’s Day.

In the video, a couple is seen dancing in different phases of their lives, in a room accompanied by other dancers and with the members of Coldplay playing on a small stage.

“When you cry, cry, cry, baby, I’ll be by your side”, sings Coldplay in this song belonging to their last album to date, ‘Everyday Life’, which was released last November and was the eighth studio album by This British band that has been succeeding for two decades with its pop-rock between melancholic and epic, between festive and introspective.

Johnson and Martin have been a couple for a while although they have tried to take their relationship in private and out of the media spotlight.

Daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, although her parents’ divorce caused her to grow up with her stepfather Antonio Banderas, Dakota Johnson knew very well what the world of cinema was.

But after a few small roles (‘The Social Network’, 2010; or ’21 Jump Street ‘, 2012) the world changed completely for her when she was selected to play Anastasia Steele in’ Fifty Shades’.

These three erotic films (‘Fifty Shades of Gray’, 2015; ‘Fifty Shades Darker’, 2017; and ‘Fifty Shades Freed’, 2018) grossed USD 1.324 million in total, and although the reviews were terrible, Johnson was in many times the only positive point that the press saved from the adaptations of the novels of EL James.

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