Mads Mikkelsen won’t return for Doctor Strange 2

Last night there seemed to be a piece of news indirectly that placed actor Mads Mikkelsen returning for “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” A news that surprised everyone because not the slightest information had been heard that pointed to the return of Kaecilius, and even more considering that the character died at the end of “Doctor Strange”.

This information came through the IndieWire medium, in a publication about an interview with the actor. There it was explained that the actor would first embark on the Indiana Jones film, and then work on the second Doctor Strange film. Rumble full movie online Leaving aside that the times do not seem to coincide, in fact the filming of Doctor Strange 2 has already ended, the news quickly began to spread like wildfire, causing everyone to report the return of Mikkelsen.

Finally, it seems that everything is in error. On Twitter, several users have asked the writer of the article about this publication, if it is information that she has explicitly received from the actor or the studio. In the wake of all the fuss, the article has been corrected. She has confirmed this on Twitter, and if we now enter the publication the text appears like this

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