The light dress with which Spirit Untamed conquered Santa Mónica

Actress Eiza González enjoys sunny spring days in Santa Monica, California. She was caught by paparazzi when she was leaving the R + D Kitchen restaurant in the company of a friend.

She dazzled in a light white dress fitted with a spring on the torso. Spirit Untamed movie online She paired it with animal print sandals, sunglasses and a palm bag.

She increased the glamor with a gold jewelry set, consisting of two chains, a bracelet and earrings. She let her brown hair down and wore a mask.

The Mexican star enjoys the success she achieved with the films I Care a Lot and Godzilla vs. Kong, but some details of her involvement in the animated film Spirit Untamed have already been revealed.

With this tape, Eiza González once again demonstrates her talent as a singer, as she performs the song Fearless (Valiente) in a bilingual duet with Isabela Merced.

In Spirit Untamed Eiza González lends her voice to the character of her mother Milagro Navarro, while Isabela Merced does it for her daughter Lucky Prescott.

The film, which opens on June 4, 2021, recounts that Lucky Prescott’s life changes forever when she moves from the city to a border town where she befriends a wild horse named Spirit.

Eiza González emerged as a star in Mexico with soap operas and musical albums. Her fans are excited to see how she demonstrates her talent once again.

The actress is already one of the most successful Mexican women in Hollywood and she is becoming more self-confident. In an interview with Shape magazine she said that she reached the age where she feels good about the woman she sees in the mirror and loves her.

Eiza González admitted that four years ago she felt ashamed when the paparazzi captured her cellulite in photographs of her. That has already changed.

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